My First Tri-X Experience

As I focus my time more and more on wildlife photography, my film usage has slowed down by quite a bit. I had five rolls saved up from about 2 month’s worth of shooting – two of them were the black and white classic Kodak Tri-X 400. B&W is still my favorite film medium, but typically stick to Ilford HP5+, or in dire circumstances, Kentmere 400.

All of these photos were taken on a Canon T90 and FD mount glass. I will try to indicate the lens with the photo, but no promises. Both rolls were metered between 400 and 800, depending on the shot, (I couldn’t tell the difference in the end) and developed in HC-110.

One day on my way out of Elizabeth Park I noticed someone had filled the feeders up, and that the squirrels were taking adavantage. The 400mm was on the digital camera, but I had my 200mm on my T90 for close encounters such as this. While most squirrels moved on away from me, one let me get up close and as personal as my 200mm would let me:

Some wintertime leaves:

Some of the flora of Pt Mouillee:

At Oakview Cemetery:

I really like how this film handled haziness:

Some snapshots from vacation:

And finally some shots from an analog meetup at Milliken State Park near downtown Detroit:

This last one of Mia was very satisfying to have been able to visualuze beforehand and for it to come out as expected.

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