It’s a Black Bird

Huron National Forest Part 2

Here I am on the eve of yet another excursion Up North, so I had better finish writing up the last trip. Otherwise I will get behind, motivation will dwindle, then soon the whole system devolves into me not writing anything at all and you don’t hear from me for another six months. So here’s a photo.

You see, I don’t consider Up North to be Up North until you see a common raven. They really aren’t too difficult to find, and if you don’t see one you should hear their croaks and barks from a Long Way Off. Seeing one means that there is enough unbroken forest for them to get away from human encroachment that they can have a peaceful existence.

They are an easy spot since with their wings out, they are about half the size of a small car, yet they oddly elusive. Turns out, they are smarter than about half the population of just about anybody anywhere and they have this awesome knack for taking off before you can get a really good look. Take this bird above for example. We spotted it sitting on the crooked branch on the left while traveling down some sandy logging roads, did a U-turn a bit down the road, and, with camera in hand, tried to get a nice portrait. But with a loud croak and a jump it said, look at this asshole, I just saw you turn around, don’t pretend you’re not invading my privacy. And off it went.

Here are two pics of a much more cooperative specimen. This black tern flew around and around showing off that fish. They sound kinda like a dog toy with a squeaker of all things.

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