Lighthouse Highthouse

While up in Paradise, we ended up visiting three whole different lighthouses. For us, lighthouse visits are pretty much never planned but I am Obsessed with The Lakes and also Driving Country Roads so it’s bound to happen. Only this trip was different than the rest, as I had a key piece of cinematic culture in my head: the 2019 Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe movie The Lighthouse.

So if you’s seen it, well thens ya know. So here be this light, name a Ol’ Crispy.

Unfortunately no lobsters here, but rather Lake Superior spraying up the hard, rocky beach under well, its a lighthouse don’t make me continue the metaphor.

That was another from Crisp Point. A review online said it was open to the public and that was a lie. I circled it twice trying to find a way in and all I got was a rusted door locked shut and a very muddy car.
This here be the Whitefish Point light. They figured out how to make a decent looking house to attach to the light, equipped with a quite unique looking passageway in, but somehow turned the light itself into piece of jungle gym equipment. #traditional #lights #only #honestly #is #it #that #hard #youre #ruining #my #pimtures
Now check this guy out. At first glance it’s the same lighthouse. But wait! It’s not! In fact this is Point Iroquois Light and boy howdy do they get it right. Aesthetic grounds? Check. Aestethicc tower? Check. Proper house attached? Check. Literally on the way to the only decent cafe in literally 40 miles? Check.

So that’s that. Go visit your local Great Lake, and good things will come. More of Lake Superior next week.

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