Photo of the Week 3

Look at me I made it three weeks in a row for these posts, which as far as far as I am concerned is quite an accomplishment. Now I chose this photo this week because if you have ever spent time out on Pte. Mouillee, then you would know these signs are kinda iconic. They label which section you are in, plus there are a million of them. Which means they can be a great way to learn your way around out there, but for some reason you still can’t remember what each one actually means. For example, I have been frequenting the dikes out there for like five years now, and do I know what Vermet Unit actually entails? Not a bit. I have to look at a map every time. Plus at a distance every one of those signs looks like a rare bird, don’t ask me how.

Now look at that Tree Swallow – it is literally holding that sign together. The pure strength and willpower of that tiny toe on that tiny bird. I just can’t even.

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