The Best Ducking Experience I Have Ever Had.

There is not a lot of story to this photo session, but it was quite an incredible experience regardless. At a small park in Ypsilanti Michigan there was a very large gathering of ducks, with a lot of Mallards, some Bufflehead, Greylag Goose, a couple of Wood Ducks, and the reason for the visit, a Green Winged Teal.

These are some of the best composed and most intimate photos of a mallard that I have ever captured.

Having never seen one before, the multiple Greylag Geese hanging around caught my attention with their deeply textured neck feathers.

A wood duck couple were also hanging out, and keeping a very distant distance.

A Ruddy Duck

A Common Merganser

And finally, the Green Winged Teal

A magnificent little duck, featuring a brown and green head, with a speckled front, grey back, with white and green trim on the wings and tan and black on its rump.

They are much smaller than most ducks, anout half the size of a standard mallard, which makes them difficult to spot at a distance.

This last photo is probably the most technically perfect photo of a duck that I have ever taken, from the soft light illuminating an eye level composition, to the water droplets on its face and beak, as well as the stunning feather texture. Hope you enjoy.

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